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The Exceptional Foundation of Pageantry was designed to promote self-confidence, lasting friendships, and a one-of-a-kind memorable experience. If you would like to join a committee, please contact the committee chairman below.


Meet the Exceptional team of Directors

Nikki Silva - Founder and Director

E-Mail:  nikki@missexceptionalli.org


 Nikki Silva has endeavored to develop a movement throughout the special needs community..   In 2012, she worked with Christine Box to design the Miss Exceptional pageant and shape the face of a new outlook on pageantry.  Nikki's inspiration to create the pageant derived from Christine's daughter, Corina.  Nikki competed in beauty pageants and other performing arts productions throughout her life. From being a performer, she learned about herself and developed self-confidence.  She expects to be the chain reaction by providing differently-abled individuals the opportunities that she was given. 

Jillian Brunner - Co-Director


Jillian joined the team in 2018. She is a direct support professional who works a theatre program for FREE. 

She is a host for the Exceptional pageant and helps with all aspects of the event!

 Theresa Chiarella Alebrando - Technical Director & Buddy Chairman

Email: theresa@missexceptionalli.org

Theresa Alebrando works with her two daughters Tess and Emily Alebrando to create the ultimate pageant experience for the participants.  Theresa has experience in dealing with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Her motherly touch is fundamental.  From decorating the dressing rooms, to hiring volunteer buddies, Theresa truly cares about each and every participant. 


Christine Box - Founder & Fundraising Committee Chairman

E-Mail:  christine@missexceptionalli.org 


Christine was inspired to create Miss Exceptional  through her beautiful daughter Corina.  She decided to name the pageant "Exceptional" because that is what these girls really are. They are exceptional girls who deserve to have the chance to shine.  Christine has years of experience working with developmental and physical disabled individuals.  She is the head of fundraising and has spearheaded our annual Chinese Auction for the past three years.

Jennifer Keisner - Parent Committee Chairman

E-mail: jennifer@missexceptionalli.org


Jennifer has a special needs daughter who loves to be the center of attention.   Jennifer is very involved in the special needs community and has started programs including a special needs theatre group and a special needs cheerleading team.  Her main goal is to spread awareness over Long Island and to create more of a unity between the general population and the special needs population.  Jennifer is an essential player on the Miss Exceptional team.

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