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Miracle League

Many of the Miss Exceptional participants also participate in the Miracle League.  Katie Keisner has chosen Miracle League as her platform. The Miracle League provides an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our national pastime: baseball!


Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck is a great place for lots of Summer fun in the Center Moriches! Tori Tagliavia has chosen this camp as her platform because it has helped her grow, meet new friends, and have a memorable time! Many of the Exceptional delegates attend Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, a special needs summer camp, as well.


What is Miss Exceptional L.I.?

     When you hear "beauty pageant" you think glitz, tiaras and bikinis.

Unlike the stereotypes of pageantry, Miss Exceptional focuses on true inner beauty.


       Our organization strives to advocate the importance of giving back to the community. We promote adversity and standing up for what you believe in.


      Being a part of the Exceptional pageant allows individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to make new friends and experience all that life has to offer.



Is there a "winner" ?


All participants are WINNERS!

Each participant recieves the following prizes:





*Bouquet of Flowers

*Professional photograph


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