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What is The Long Island Exceptional Pageant?

     When you hear "beauty pageant" you think glitz, tiaras and bikinis.

Unlike the stereotypes of pageantry, Instead, The Exceptional pageant focuses on giving unto others and finding hidden talents and unique beautiful abiltiies.


      Being a part of the Exceptional pageant allows individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to make new friends and experience all that life has to offer.



Is there a "winner" ?


All participants are WINNERS!

Each participant recieves the following prizes:






*Bouquet of Flowers

*Professional photograph


What does it cost?


The Exceptional pagenat is FREE to join. We encourage parents and guardians to provide something for our Chinese Auction, but this is not required. 


What is a "platform" ?


All contestants will choose another charity or organization to raise awareness for during the pageant. You also have the option of raising money for the organization and for The Exceptional pageant.


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